Thursday, January 27, 2011

"The Year of Journalling Fearlessly" by Lindsay Crandall

Recently I read "The Year of Journalling Fearlessly", a beautiful article by Lindsay Crandall at Curator Magazine and it moved, inspired and challenged me so much that I can't help but share.
Like Lindsay, I love notebooks, but haven't journalled in years. Yet over recent months I have been longing to write more and create more... to see more and document more as a way of stretching my writing... to open myself up to observing creativity and reveling in beauty. So the idea of a notebook without the pressure of a traditional journal was appealing.
So today I stopped by my favourite new bookstore near work - Kinokuniya - and purchased a bright red, blank page, hardcover Moleskine.
Armed with my favourite fine tip blue pen, I'm going to start filling the pages with the things that inspire me, the quotes that move me, and the thoughts that fill me days.
And as the Henri Nouwen quote suggests, I want to "discover what lives in us."

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