Monday, March 11, 2013

I Spy Beauty...

Said a prayer with broken wings
Hoping to move toward greater things now
And face the fear

I started the year hoping, praying that I could be brave. I wanted to take risks and be more fearless. And I have spent most of the last few weeks struggling with chronic anxiety and panic attacks.

It's funny how things happen like that. The very moment we choose to face things head on, life comes hurtling towards us with even greater speed and energy.

So in the midst of wandering through anxiety and stress I've been playing and singing and humming this beautiful Elenowen song, Flying for the First Time. (You can get an awesome free download of their EP here.)
Led to the open flame
Barely escaped
Now I'll never be the same
When we get a taste of the freedom and abundance that God calls us to it is hard to resist.... even if it means facing our fears, dealing with our insecurities, letting go of being certain.

I pray that we can all be brave enough to fly for the first time.


Nicole VZ said...

I don't know you, but a friend stumbled upon your blog yesterday while looking for mine. I think we must be kindred spirits. You can find me at :-) Totally didn't mean to steal your idea... Loved this song you posted and look forward to reading more.

Ali said...

I'm sorry that it has taken me until now to see your comment Nicole.
I think we might indeed be kindred spirits... I guess great minds think alike, hey?
Your blog looks lovely too! I enjoyed reading through and hearing how you came to your title too.
Peace and Grace, Ali