Sunday, February 2, 2014

I Spy Beauty...

A (sometimes) weekly post of beauty seen, heard or discovered

I have about 5 half-written blogs sitting on my computer. Not to mention the document that is just called ‘Random thoughts’ that has pages of unfinished, unedited computer scribblings.

My brain is awash with confusion and hope. Uncomfortableness and happiness. Frustration and joy. I’m in a very in-between kind of place.

And I’m in a waiting period at the moment. Waiting around means a lot of procrastination. Baking. Friends reruns watching. YouTube surfing.

There’s lots of beauty to be found on YouTube.

Earlier this week I was having a particularly unproductive day and that was getting me down. Until I watched this….

If you haven’t seen any of the Kid President clips before, may I suggest you go and watch a bunch more. This boy and his cousin have a big heart and vision for changing the world…. and they’re doing it!

We all need beautiful reminders like this now and again!

And if you ever need a little pep talk watch the video that made Kid President famous, here.

And hopefully I'll finish one or two of those blogs real soon....

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