Monday, July 7, 2014

I Spy Beauty...

A (sometimes) weekly post about beauty seen, heard or discovered.

It is the end of a long and stressful semester. In amongst the weariness, attempts at resting, unexpected hospital visits and other fun holiday things, I have spied beauty in paying attention. For these things I am grateful…

Sitting snuggled on the couch with my two nephews, reading some of my favourite stories and rhymes from Dr Seuss, while the littlest tries to copy my words and we giggle at all the silliness.

Walking in the warm sun along the beach with a dear friend; the sound of tumultuous waves crashing, clear blue sky and deep green ocean and the squelch of sand under my bare feet.

Cups of tea beside us and bowls of dessert in hand, chatting with a kindred spirit about words and faith and relationships and the beautiful chaos of life.

Watching a host of different birds visit my mum’s new bird bath out the back window; splashing, trying to mark territory, drinking together and darting in and out of nearby bushes.There is serenity and there is life in motion.

Being one in a room of hundreds of people passionate about justice, reconciliation and compassion; feeling the sense of hope in community and commonality.

Speaking with my mentor and friend about Christian belief and hypocrisy. Then afterward watching one of Hollywood's silliest movies together, laughing until our stomachs hurt and ribbing each other about our guilty pleasure television habits. 

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